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Clim Var Froid assists you and gives advise for all your heating and HVAC projects

Experts at your service

Our technical advisers are able to assess your needs according to the characteristics of your habitat.

They are your first contact: entirely at your disposal, their diagnosis takes into account all useful information for an accurate estimate of your project.

  • They will guide you in the choice of the brand and type of material.
  • Our technical advisers will be with you on appointment within a week.
  • Our expertise does not only take into account the technical criteria, but the aesthetic and practical things as well.

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Clim Var Froid, votre installateur expert vous accompagne

Good reasons to choose for Clim Var Froid

The expert in renewable energy

Choose between air (aerothermical), earth (geothermical) or sun (solar energy):

  • It's preferring simplicity of implementation, security of supply.
  • It's also adapting technology to guarantee comfort in any season, at lower cost.
  • And off course, the satisfaction of participating to the protection of the environment.

Clim Var Froid, it's also...

  • Respecting the environment.
  • Certified labels: Qualibat, Qualisol, QualiPac, gas professionals; recognised by Grenelle de l'Environnement.
  • A decennial liability insurance.
  • Financial advice and solutions.
  • And most importantly, hundreds of installations realised each year.

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